Features and Options
  • Declutchable manual gear override for operation of automated quarter-turn ball or butterfly valves
  • Designed to mount between valve and actuator for emergency override in case of power or air loss
  • Heavy-duty cast iron bodies with corrosion resistant treatment for tough environments
  • Worm gear design on all units with spur assist (DT-50-SD, DT-54-SD, DT-90-SD and DT-140-SD models)
  • Torque outputs to 140000 inch pounds
  • Enclosure sealed with BUNA o-rings
  • Customizable drive coupler and mounting kits to fit virtually any valve and/or actuator
  • Standard cast handwheels
  • ±5º adjustable travel stops
  • Standard ISO 5211 top and bottom flange mounting
  • Locks in both the engaged and disengaged positions
  • Available for use with BI-TORQ® pneumatic actuators or fusible link assemblies
Unit of Measure
Additional Information Our declutchable manual override gears are designed to mount between a pneumatic actuator and quarter-turn valve, allowing an operator to manually override a pneumatic actuator in case of emergency power or air loss. Gears in this series are completely enclosed, weatherproof and permanently lubricated. The declutch locks in both the engaged and disengaged positions. In most cases our engineers can design mounting kits to reduce the overall size of the actuator, declutch and valve package. This series also is featured on our HT and BT FUSIBLE LINK ASSEMBLIES.