Features and Options
  • Aluminum chainwheels and guide arms with options for cast or stainless steel construction
  • For cast iron or aluminum gear operators
  • Size equivalents to 4" to 36" handwheels
  • Clamp-on style available upon request
  • Customizable hub to fit a variety of gear operator styles
  • Heavy-duty industrial chain and master links available with all sizes of chainwheel operators
  • Lock-out/tag-out options available
  • Secondary restraint cable system available for additional safety requirements
  • Lightweight design
Unit of Measure
Additional Information Our chainwheels are designed for operating gears that are mounted in overhead locations or in areas otherwise inaccessible by catwalks. We machine each chainwheel to fit either cast iron or aluminum gear operators in the place of standard handwheels. We also provide complete packages that include chain and master links. Optional clamp-on chainwheels are available for retrofit onto existing handwheels.