Includes 316SS 3-piece API 607 fire safe valve

All units are FAIL CLOSE as a standard configuration.
Unit of Measure

Valve Size

N/A 2.00 in

End Connection


Valve Model

N/A FS-3PT-RG-020

Body Material

N/A Stainless Steel


N/A 316 SS/316 SS/RTFE

Fusible Link Series

N/A MT Series (Mid Torque)

Operator Type

N/A Handle

Link Yield Temperature

N/A 286 ºF141 ºC

Link Model

N/A FL-1-286

Spring Pack Size

N/A 087-030 (530 in. lbs.)

Spring Pack Diameter (A)

N/A 6.85 in

Valve Laying Length (B)

N/A 4.408 in

Bracket Position (C)

N/A 6.56 in

Spring Pack Height (F)

N/A 5.13 in

Total Height (G)

N/A 11.69 in

Approvals & Standards

N/A API 598, API 607 fire safe certified, FM approved topworks

Link Approval

N/A Factory Mutual approved UL & C-UL listed


N/A Failure Mode:
Fail Close is standard configuration, please consult the factory for Fail Open assemblies.

BI-TORQ Valve Automation recommends that all assemblies using our size 14X spring pack and larger be mounted vertically. If the assemblies need to be mounted horizontally auxiliary supports MUST be used on the spring pack.

Shipping Note

N/A 43.05 lb