• Tandem Linkages

    Expert design and machining capabilities allow BI-TORQ to be at the forefront when it comes to innovative valve assemblies. Our tandem linkages allow a single actuator, gear or handle operator to turn multiple valves at once. Our tandem linkages can be designed to fit a variety of pipeline arrangements, If you have a unique application like this in mind, please contact us for a prototype.

  • 3-Way Tee Linkage using 150# Cast Iron Tee, 2) 8 Inch (in) Cast Iron Butterfly Valves (BFVs) with Stainless Steel (SS) Discs, and Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator

    Our unique tee-linkages utilize quality products and superior engineering to create an economic and effective 3-way assembly. Ideal for HVAC and diverting applications, our tee-linkage assembly is a big cost saver over expensive three-way ball valves. Add a positioner or fieldbus system and you can create a fully modulating system. All of our assemblies come complete with butterfly valves, actuators, tees and full mounting hardware. As is the case with all of our automated products, we will assemble and test the complete package for your convenience.

    Our design allows for virtually any valve arrangement you need.

  • Spring Return "Deadman" Handles

    BI-TORQ Valve Automation designs and manufactures products intended to reduce facility risk and insurance costs while increasing safety for plant employees and surrounding communities. This segment of our product line includes fire safe fusible link assemblies for emergency shutdown, spring return handles to eliminate the risk of leaving a critical valve in the wrong position, and lock-out devices for both automated and manual valves.

  • Custom Extensions

    BI-TORQ® Valve Automation designs and manufactures custom extensions for buried service, heat insulation, tank mounts and submerged valve applications where the valve handwheel, gear operator or actuator must be extended for operator accessibility. A mounting bracket complete with thrust bearing is furnished to carry the weight of the extension and eliminate load on the valve stem. All extensions over three feet are supplied with universal couplings to compensate for misalignment at installation. One additional mounting bracket is provided at the top of the extension for the operator plus one stabilizing bracket per six feet of extension.

  • Valve to Actuator Mounting Kits

    Our BI-TORQ Valve Automation has been producing quality customized valve mounting kits since 1981. Thanks to a commitment to TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION on the part of our entire organization, we have become one of the most trusted names in valve automation mounting hardware manufacturing.

    Our specialized EMERGENCY SERVICES reflects this commitment as does our willingness to repair or replace our product if you are not 100% satisfied with what you receive. Our valve to actuator mounting kits are used worldwide in a variety of applications and with nearly 30,000 customized drawings on file, we can mount virtually any valve to any actuator.

    Thanks to the ingenuity of our engineering staff and experience of our factory personnel, no valve mounting kit job is to big or too small for BI-TORQ.

  • Valve to Switch Mounting Kits

    As plants continue to integrate PLC systems to monitor the position of valves throughout the facility, limit switches and positioners have become increasingly popular on manual quarter-turn valves. To satisfy the needs of our customers, we manufacture a wide range of mounting kits for any type of NAMUR or non-NAMUR limit switches to quarter-turn valves.

    In addition, we can create a variety of other mounting hardware for other automation accessories, including filter regulators, flow meters, solenoids, positioners, and more.

  • Special Coatings

    BI-TORQ Valve Automation has been producing quality customized valve mounting kits since 1981. Thanks to a commitment to TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION on the part of our entire organization, we have become one of the most trusted names in valve automation mounting hardware manufacturing.

    Our standard carbon steel mounting kits are either dipped or sprayed with high-quality paint with a number of different color options available. We use high-temperature epoxy paint for our heat extensions as a standard and also have an option for powder-coating. But beyond that, we have a number of other coating options available for high temperature areas, marine applications, wastewater facilities, high-purity environments, and other special projects. Among the options:

    • All Tnemec products, including low and high-temperature coating, corrosion inhibitors and other finishes
    • Tiger powder coat products, Super durable series
    • Scotchkote 134 fusion-bond epoxy
    • Zinc rich epoxy powder coating
    If you have any special requirements for coating your mounting kit, pneumatic actuator, valve, or any other accessory, let BI-TORQ provide a high-quality finish that will withstand harsh environments.

  • Emergency Services

    While many of our standard assemblies are in stock and available for same day service as part of our Quick Ship Program, we also offer emergency and expedited service on our customized assemblies and mounting kits.

    For situations where you need a customized product or a standard assembly fast, we have the following options:

    Expedited Service
    One-week expedite, which turns around customized or manufactured product within 5 working days after receipt of a purchase order.

    Quick Ship Program
    As part of our dedication to total customer satisfaction, BI-TORQ Valve Automation offers same day shipments on many of our standard products, including InstruPak automated ball valves, automated butterfly valves, and even our fire safe fusible link assemblies. We can often do this at no additional cost to you or your customer!

    For more information about our Quick Ship Program, please contact our sales staff.

  • Mounting and Testing Services

    We are proud to have an excellent assembly team that is experienced and diligent. Thanks to our full service valve automation shop, we mount and test each of our assemblies before they ship. All of our automated packages are cycle tested using air or electrical current. We also have a 10000 PSI hydro-tester used to check valves after repair or seat replacement. Each assembly is tested and then goes through a secondary QC to ensure product accuracy. In addition, we keep documentation on file that confirms how the product was tested so you can be sure each assembly will be ready to put in line when it reaches your dock.

    Whether you require a basic actuator-to-valve assembly or a complete package with positioners, switches, solenoids and/or other accessories, let our professional assembly team take care of it.