• FW-3PTelectric

    Fire Safe Valve Guide:
    Body material

    • Stainless (FS series)
    • Carbon steel (FW series)

    Body Style
    • 2P (2 piece design)
    • 3P (3 piece design)

    End connections
    • F (flanged)
    • T (NPT)
    • S (socket weld)
    • TC (clamp end)

  • 760-Series

    Strahman Valve’s Quick Acting Line Blinds are the solution of choice when quick, safe, and reliable isolation is needed. With ease and quickness of a isolation valve and the security of a spectacle plate, Strahman’s American Made blinds are built for the toughest applications. Our commitment to the line includes a large inventory in parts to quickly build product to meet project demands.

    The Line Blinds are avaiable in two varieties – Spreading and Non-spreading – to meet the application or project budget.

  • Spring Return "Deadman" Handles

    Features and Options

    • Automatically returns manual valve to pre-designated open or closed position when operator releases the handle
    • Up to 800 inch pounds of torque
    • ISO mount versions available for direct mounting to true ISO mount ball and butterfly valves
    • Weatherproof sealed spring housing to prevent corrosion
    • Stainless steel lever and output shaft

  • Paladin Fire Safe Automated Ball Valves

    Paladin Features and Options

    • FS-series: full port stainless steel 3-piece ball valve
    • FW-series: full port carbon steel 3-piece ball valve with SS ball and stem
    • 1/2" through 2" NPT or socket weld end
    • API 607 fire safe certified ball valve
    • 2000 PSI working pressure
    • Standard RTFE seats and graphoil body/stem seals
    • ISO mounting pad for direct mount automation (3/4" through 2" sizes only)
    • Electric actuators are UL/CSA approved
    • AC and DC voltages with 3-phase power option
    • Open-close, jog or modulating options
    • Clutchless manual override
    • Factory assembled and tested

  • Re-settable Emergency Block Valves (R-EBV)

    Key Features

    • Automatic closure in case of ambient heat from fire, remote signal or local pushbutton
    • Can be installed on both fire safe approved quarter-turn ball or butterfly valves
    • Fully re-settable/testable for quarterly or annual maintenance
    • Stainless steel components; modular design for easy parts replacement
    • Operational by one person
    • Low air consumption for actuator and solenoid
    • Torque output to 21,000 inch pounds with clockspring design
    • Adjustable speed of closure to prevent valve damage or pipeline vibration
    • Continuous position feedback through limit switch
    • Patented design (patent # 503397577)

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