Features and Options
  • Cast iron bodies with standard stainless steel disc
  • 2" - 12" sizes (up to 24" available upon request)
  • Lug or wafer style connections
  • All manual valves include a 10-position locking handle for throttling service
  • EPDM, BUNA-N, Viton or TFE seat options
  • Options for limit switches on the manual valve for position indication
  • Also available with gear operators
  • Manually-operated tee linkage assemblies are available upon request
Unit of Measure
Wafer Style Connections
2" MY-WE-2-20-10P
2-1/2" MY-WE-2-25-10P
3" MY-WE-2-30-10P
4" MY-WE-2-40-10P
5" MY-WE-2-50-10P
6" MY-WE-2-60-10P
8" MY-WE-2-80-10P
10" MY-WE-100-10P
12" MY-WE-120-10P
Lug Style Connections
2" MY-LE-2-20-M07
2-1/2" MY-LE-2-25-M07
3" MY-LE-2-30-M07
4" MY-LE-2-40-M07
5" MY-LE-2-50-M07
6" MY-LE-2-60-M07
8" MY-LE-2-80-M10
10" MY-LE-100-M12
12" MY-LE-120-M12
Part Number Note Choose "W" for wafer style and "L" for lug style.

All assembly part numbers above indicate EPDM seats; for BUNA, change "E" to "N"; for Viton change "E" to "V"; for TFE change "E" to "T".