Features and Options
  • Aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel gear operators with handwheels
  • Torque outputs up to 48000 inch pounds
  • Customized machining of drive bushings to fit virtually any butterfly valve
  • Mounting kits are available to mount gears to valves with non-ISO pads
  • Special extensions for buried service or to raise the handwheel to where an operator can reach it
  • Optional chainwheels and tee-handles for overhead pipeline applications
  • Available on our MY, PY or PP-series butterfly valves or customized for any other manufacturer's butterfly valves
Unit of Measure
With Aluminum Gear Operator
2" BY-*E-2-20-GA-9801
2-1/2" BY-*E-2-25-GA-9801
3" BY-*E-2-30-GA-9801
4" BY-*E-2-40-GA-9801
5" BY-*E-2-50-GA-9801
6" BY-*E-2-60-GA-9801
8" BY-*E-2-80-GA-9804
10" BY-*E-100-GA-9807
12" BY-*E-120-GA-9807
With Cast Iron Gear Operator
2" BY-*E-2-20-M10
2-1/2" BY-*E-2-25-M10
3" BY-*E-2-30-M10
4" BY-*E-2-40-M10
5" BY-*E-2-50-M10
6" BY-*E-2-60-M10
8" BY-*E-2-80-M10
10" BY-*E-100-M12
12" BY-*E-120-M12
Part Number Note Choose "W" for wafer style and "L" for lug style.

All assembly part numbers above indicate EPDM seats; for BUNA, change "E" to "N"; for Viton change "E" to "V"; for TFE change "E" to "T".