MS-3WTC Features and Options
  • Full port stainless steel 3-way sanitary ball valve
  • 1/4" through 2" clamp end connections
  • 240 grit polish
  • Cavity filler TFE seats and seals to reduce risk of product entrapment
  • L-port and T-port 3-way configurations available
  • Ideal for food, beverage, mixing, biotech and pharmaceutical applications
  • ISO mounting pad for easy installation of actuators at a later date
  • 4-seat design for high cycling
  • Lockable lever handle
  • Large inventory for same day shipment on most models
Unit of Measure
MS-3WTC Series
1/2" MS-3WTC-005
3/4" MS-3WTC-007
1" MS-3WTC-010
1-1/2" MS-3WTC-015
2" MS-3WTC-020
2-1/2" MS-3WTC-025
3" MS-3WTC-030
4" MS-3WTC-040
Part Number Note Choose "L" for L-port configuration or "T" for T-port configuration.