• Full Port SS Sanitary Ball Valves 1/2” through 4” clamp end
  • ISO Mounting Pad
  • Electric and Pneumatic Actuators
  • Clamp ends and cavity fillers ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications
Unit of Measure


Valve Size

N/A 1/2 to 4 in

Valve Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Dimension D

N/A 0.374 to 3.835 in

Dimension E

N/A 1.42 to 4.92 in

Dimension F

N/A 0.354 to 0.869 in

Dimension G

N/A 1.46 to 4.26 in

Dimension H

N/A 1.693 to 4.961 in

Dimension H1

N/A 0.354 to 0.869 in

Dimension L

N/A 3.504 to 9.567

Dimension W

N/A 4.763 to 11.417 in

Relative Flow Coefficient (CV)

N/A 14 to 1840

Pressure Rating

N/A 1000 psi

Temperature Rating

N/A -40 to 450 ºF CWP

Maximum Steam Temperature Rating

N/A +297 ºF


N/A 1.4 to 43.7 lb

Valve Type

N/A 3-Piece Tri-Clamp

Actuator Type

N/A Pneumatic Double Acting Pneumatic Spring Return

Actuator Options

N/A Dome Indicator Epoxy Coating Fail Open NEMA 4 Switchbox NEMA 4/120VAC Solenoid NEMA 7 Switchbox NEMA 7/120VAC Solenoid

Standard ISO 5211

N/A F03-F04 F04-F05 F05-F07 F07-F10 F10-F12

Parts Material

N/A Handle: 304SS Stem: 316SS Gland Nut: 304SS Stem Nut: 304SS Body Seal: TFE Stem Seal: TFE O-Ring: Fluoroelastomers Stem Packing: TFE Spring Washer: 304SS Body Bolt: 304SS End Cap: ASTM A351/GR CF8M Ball: ASTM A351/316SS Body: ASTM A351/316SS Ball Seat: TFE Follower: 304SS Belleville Spring Washers: 301SS

Automation Accessories

N/A 3-15 psi and 4-20 mA Modulating Positioners NAMUR Mount Solenoids Limit Switch Position Indicators Gears And Declutch Overrides Customized Assemblies

Valve Features


  • 240 grit bore polish
  • Cavity filled TFE® seats to reduce the threat of media entrapment
  • Swing out design for easy maintenance
  • Polished clamp end to meet BS 4825.3

Pneumatic Actuator Features


  • Heavy duty Rack and pinion design
  • Spring return or double acting
  • Open and closed adjustment stops
  • True NAMUR accessory and ISO mounting
  • Visual indicator
  • Top Mount indicator
  • High temperature and corrosion resistant models available
  • Solenoids, limit switches, positioners and other accessories are available

Lock-Out Kits

N/A AVK Carbo-Bond's newest design offers the perfect solution for locking devices on automated valves requiring safety during maintenance operations or protection for critical system valves. The lockout system is designed as an integral part of the mounting kit and is available for both the "locked open" and "locked close" positions. The lockout pin is attached to the bracket with a keeper chain and can be stowed in a pin storage tube.

Manufacturing Notes

N/A Maximum temperature rating for standard actuators is 180° (pneumatic). Special seals or heat extensions are available for high temperature service.
All valves are 100% electronically tested at 80 psi in both the open and closed positions.